The one day that a girl dreams about and looks forward to for a very long time. I imagined how it would be but to see it actually come to life was such a surreal experience. Getting my makeup done by MIa couldn't have been a more relaxing experience. I felt as if I were at a spa, all of my worries and fears were immediately gone as she did what she does best. Looking your best on your wedding day and being the center of attention is a big deal to a girl, and with Mia's expertise and amazing talent, I felt like a million bucks! Even more importantly, my husband thought so too :)! I am so grateful to have had Mia as apart of my special day because she's not just punctual, but early. She works not just to meet your needs, but to exceed them. Her calm and peaceful spirit makes her such a joy to work with! You tell her what you want and you can be confident in knowing she will execute that desire "to the tee". Thank you Mia for an exceptionally enjoyable experience!!!

Melissa Tsuha

(Hair by Melissa)