Thank you so much for helping make our day so special. We truly loved that you were able to accommodate our request of hair and makeup at the house, while the ladies got ready. I was so fortunate to find you without any suggestions of who was a great option in Kauai, since we did all of our research online. Everything turned out PERFECT. My 3 and 6 year old nieces had their hair done for the first time and the eldest had her makeup too, which was so special for her. Your team couldn't have been more patient with the 3 year old, who asked about 10 times within 5 minutes, if you were done with her hair yet. She just can't sit still! Her hair was beautiful in the end. Two little braids, some fresh orchids, and her natural curls. We loved it. Everyone else looked fantastic too. Braids and fresh orchids were the theme for everyone and we had such a blast.

Once the ceremony began, my dad walked me down to meet "my husband." He gave me away and before anything continued, Matt quickly leaned over and whispered, "you look amazing." I wasn't expecting it. Maybe some of it was the dress, but a lot of it was the combination of the hair and makeup too. I'll remember that for the rest of our lives. What a great day, and lasting memories. We can't thank you enough.


Beth Martin