"I had just moved to Maui and I was dealing with the stress of not just the move, but also having to plan a wedding. To make matters worse, my new job didn't pay as much as my old job, so there was a lot of pressure to make cuts in our wedding budget. Fortunately, Mia's prices were very reasonable, and after looking at her online portfolio I knew that I would be getting more than my money's worth. Being on different islands made me a bit nervous because I knew there wouldn't be time for a trial run, but I trusted my instincts. The results were amazing! I had a morning wedding, so she finished my hair and make up around 6 am or so. I was worried because it had to last the whole day, and I knew we were going to take sunset photos on the beach at 6:30 pm. Mia provided me with a touch up kit to use throughout the day in case I needed it. Amazingly, I didn't even touch the touch up kit! Our beach photos turned out great (despite it being 12 hours after Mia had done my make up and hair!), and I didn't even do so much as to reapply lip gloss! Mia is truly an artist with quality products, and I thank her so much for making me look amazing on the happiest day of my life."

- Holly Irimata